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DeEnna Wisdom Holohan

Collective Wisdom Complete Coaching features the expertise of DeEnna Wisdom Holohan

DeEnna has spent 30 years working in college counseling and coaching.  This, combined with her experience as an actor, singer, and as a mom to a recording artist, gives her a unique perspective in coaching creatives.

After working for many years with teens in the college process, in 2022 DeEnna launched Collective Wisdom Complete Coaching.  Now, she gets to do what she loves the most, helping creatives discover what they truly value and what type of impact they want to make on the world so they can remove blocks in their lives and achieve the success they desire.

DeEnna is a national presenter on college counseling and life coaching topics.  In 2021, she was named as one of twelve Counselors that Change Lives by the Colleges that Change Lives Organization. In her spare time you can find DeEnna on the hunt for the best new restaurant in LA, working on a voice acting project, or catching the next Sophie Holohan show.

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